Iceland's Shapes

Great giants - shaped by the forces of the Icelandic weather.

New Land

A snow storm over the lake Thingvallavatn at Thingvellir national park is about to arise as the clouds gain on size. This valley lies on top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the North American and the Eurasian continental Plates diverge. Through that constant movement new land mass is being formed and shaped. It is a powerful and a magic place.

Fading Mountain

Great icebergs from the Icelandic glaciers are being shaped by the weather and float in front of the glacier tongue before they melt and disappear. Its majestic appearance makes one humble and respectful towards nature.

Gentle Giant

Like a floating island in the mists this gentle giant was shaped by the many meltwater floods due to volcanic activity. The vastness of this seemingly eternal place makes you realize the unbound energy of nature.

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